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Vital Signs: The Nurture of Passion for Life As We Age – Gregg Levoy (8:45-9:45)

An affirmative approach to aging takes into account that new parts of you are always clamoring for airtime; the soul and spirit don’t “retire” even if your career does; and there’s a difference between getting older and growing older.

In this presentation, Gregg will guide you in exploring what inspires passion in your life and what defeats it, how you lose it and how you get it back, as well as what keeps it flourishing for the duration.

Gregg's headshotGregg Levoy is the author of Vital Signs: Discovering and Sustaining Your Passion for Life – currently among Amazon’s ‘Top 100’ books in the category of Aging, and the bestseller Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life.

A former adjunct professor of journalism at the University of New Mexico, and behavioral specialist at USA Today, he has written for the New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Omni, Psychology Today, Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, and many others. His website is

Workshops & Presenters


Must Have Couples Conversations Before Retirement – Dori Mintzer (10:00-11:00)

We’re living longer and the landscape of retirement is changing.  The ‘second half of life” can be an exciting time– an opportunity to grow, learn and evolve individually and as part of a couple. It can be hard enough as an individual to figure out what’s important to you, and it can feel even more complicated if you’re in a relationship, with different expectations, priorities, energy levels, health issues, dreams and goals.   Many couples don’t know where to start, get overwhelmed and end up approaching the “retirement transition years” by default, relying more on assumptions and not conversations with each other.

imagesIn this interactive presentation, you’ll learn about 10 important conversations and discover effective communication skills and problem solving strategies to help you begin to create an individual and a shared vision.

Dr. Dorian Mintzer, M.S.W., Ph.D., BCC – is a therapist; retirement transition and executive coach; speaker and writer. Combining her expertise in adult development, life planning and positive psychology, she helps individuals and couples navigate the “second half of life.” She hosts a monthly Interview with Expert’s Series and is co-author of The Couples Retirement Puzzle: The 10 Must-Have Conversations for Creating an Amazing New Life Together.

Update Your Home for Lifelong Living – Kathryn Avery (11:15-12:15)

Housing is an important factor in retirement happiness. Spending more time at home after you stop working can raise awareness of what you do or don’t like about where you live.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use simple and easy solutions to create an uplifting and empowering home environment that supports your retirement. Filled with helpful tips, examples, and cost-effective changes, you’ll discover how color, lighting, furniture placement and décor can help you create a home that is a true sanctuary. You’ll receive important information on how to downsize and prepare your home for sale should you decide to move in retirement.

Kathryn Cropped SquareKathryn S. Avery – When Kathryn’s husband, Chris, contemplated retirement in 2014, she knew they had to come up with a multi-faceted plan. Kathryn wrote Your Countdown to Retirement as a guide for baby boomers facing a similar challenge.

Her passion for creating uplifting and empowering environments has been a focus of her career. She works with clients to create homes that support living there for as long as possible. She is the author of five books and numerous articles on interior design and is a regular blogger for The Bangor Daily News.


Walk the Labyrinth, Step Into Your KnowingSusanna Liller (11:15-12:15 – to be held at a nearby labyrinth, weather permitting)

In this workshop, after a brief introduction to this ancient archetype’s history and current popular uses, we’ll walk the labyrinth outside on the UNE campus as a tool for meditation, reflection and discovery.

A1H6A5850Susanna.1Susanna Liller – Susanna walked her first labyrinth in Brunswick, Maine.  She was instantly captivated by this ancient form of walking meditation.  Soon she was traveling to Chartres, France to walk one of the world’s most famous labyrinths.  That same year found her in San Francisco being certified as a labyrinth facilitator by Lauren Artress, leader of the current labyrinth resurgence and author of Walking a Sacred Path.  When not walking labyrinths, Susanna is an organizational development consultant and executive coach.

Act Two Your Way – Amy Wood (1:30-2:30)

Personal reinvention is all the rage – especially at mid-life and beyond – in a culture that is celebrating transformation like never before.  You can do, be or have whatever you Amy Wood head shot smallwant – if only you can narrow down the options, keep your focus, and pace yourself.  This session will show you how to get out from under the overwhelm of “too much information,” decide what you really want (not what you think you should want), and get started on a second act path that genuinely resonates.  You’ll learn 10 powerful principles for staying true to yourself, living and working at a rhythm that feels right, and feeling fulfilled and rewarded instead of rushed and stressed – no matter what is happening around you.

Dr. Amy Wood, Psy.D. is a Portland psychologist who coaches adults to accomplish their own unique versions of success. She wrote the award-winning book Life Your Way and appears in media ranging from local newspapers to Parade Magazine.   Dr. Wood earned her doctorate from Adler University and is certified by the College of Executive Coaching.


How To thrive After 55 – Susan Doughty (10:00-11:00)

Heart disease, stroke, and cancer continue to be the chief causes of death in the United States. The good news is that, with advances in gene research, medications, and surgical techniques, more people are recovering or living with these once fatal diseases.

The human body’s immune system is geared toward eliminating cancer cells and viruses, so we will discuss evidence-based strategies to strengthen the immune system. Science has also shown us how to decrease plaque in arteries that contributes to stroke and heart attack.  We will learn how we can support the heart and brain as we age and the role of dietary supplements.

Learn how to prepare for and take charge of your visits with your health care practitioner, and what screenings and immunizations are important.

Participants will set priorities and learn tips that foster a full and healthy life.

Doughty photoSusan E.D. Doughty, RN, MSN, WHNP-BC – is a women’s health Nurse Practitioner, who started New England WomenCenter in Portland, Maine in 1997. Her work has led her to become a national expert on perimenopause, speaking and publishing in that area. She merged her practice with Coastal Women’s Health Care in 2014.

Susan is a graduate of Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania and the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Her graduate nursing degrees are from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Boston College. Board-certified as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, she has been awarded Outstanding Nurse Practitioner for Maine from the Maine Nurse Practitioner Association, and for Maine from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Second Act Spirituality – Marguerite Stapleton (11:15-12:15)

Every life stage has its own age-appropriate lessons, challenges and questions.  This is, of course, true for those in the time of their “Second Act”.

In the last few decades, gerontologists have become increasingly aware of the importance of spirituality to the well-being of aging adults.

When focus is given to being rather than doing, the issues of spirituality take center stage.

Participants will be invited to create a safe and gracious space to reflect together on the distinction between spirituality and religion, on the spiritual tasks of aging and the gifts of wisdom, courage and surrender.

This session will be interactive with time for conversation, reflection, and quiet.

Marguerite StapletonMarguerite Stapleton – has extensive and deep experience in creating and leading retreats, workshops and conferences throughout the US and Canada.

She is committed to helping women and men uncover the depth of their spirituality and expressing that in their daily lives.

Now that she is an elder, Marguerite creates opportunities to celebrate second half of life as an opportunity to listen to our lives in new ways and discover or re-discover the mystery of the presence of a Greater Presence.

Marguerite teaches at USM’s Senior College and works with health care executives helping them integrate reflection, mindfulness and spirituality into their leadership style.

Yoga With A Twist: Stretch & Strengthen Into Healthy Aging – Martha Williams (1:30-2:30)

Think you’ve got to be super-flexible, young and physically active to enjoy the benefits of yoga? Not so! The many benefits of yoga, including more flexibility, lower blood pressure, and increased muscle strength can be experienced by the newest and most reluctant students, with or without a yoga mat.

In this experiential workshop you’ll stretch tight shoulders, loosen stiff necks and hips, all while seated in a chair. You’ll complement the seated work with gentle standing stretches and balancing postures. You’ll finish with a mindful body scan, melting away tension and relaxing deeply.

Leave with an experience of the stretching, strengthening and relaxation that even the most gentle of classes can offer.

MW Headshot 2014You’ll have a heightened awareness of how yoga can be a beneficial part of your wellness efforts and effective strategy for staving off early signs of aging that come with spinal and muscle inflexibility.

No prior experience, yoga mat or props needed.

Martha Williams – offers a unique blend of services to support businesses and people seeking greater vitality, health, and well being. Her work draws on her training as a therapist, certified yoga teacher, and shamanic practitioner.

Martha studied shamanism extensively with Dory Cote. She is a certified YogaSpirit School of Yoga teacher and also worked at the renowned Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for nine years and now owns Soul Fire Associates.

Releasing Your Song Within: Exploring Your Legacy – Anne Murray (1:30-2:30)

“Wait…patiently until the song that is your life falls into your own cupped hands and you recognize and greet it.” – Clearing by Martha Postlewaite

Framing this workshop with a poem, we will explore our inner songs and how we are being invited to share it as a legacy that we can leave for our families, communities and the wider world.

To guide this journey, we will use the principles of Sage-ing®, a method of spiritual exploration that comes from the work of Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, author of the classic book From Aging to Sage-ing.

Anne Murray final

Sage-ing is looking at life in a new way as we grow older, a spiritual practice that involves harvesting the wisdom of our lives, transmitting that wisdom as a legacy to future generations and giving back through service. In this workshop, we will use music, movement, reflection and group wisdom sharing to look at the legacy work of the second half of life.

Anne Murray, MS, CSL – has been involved for 30 years in Elder services of one sort or another: activity coordination, volunteer engagement, healthy aging programs and a bedside singing choir for people at the end of life. For over ten years she has participated in the work of Sage-ing® and is a Certified Sage-ing Leader.


Creating Your Unique Brand for Your Second Act – Jim Peacock (10:00-11:00)

In this session, you will develop a value-added statement for your next career move. This statement identifies your combination of strengths, passions, values, and traits that make you uniquely marketable.

Jim PeacockWe will discuss how to build this statement and the various ways you can use this to discover opportunities for your “second act”.

Jim Peacock – is a nationally certified Global Career Development Facilitator, and a past president of the Maine Career Development Association. He offers professional development training for career practitioners through Peak-Careers Consulting. His background includes individual career coaching in private practice with Heart At Work Associates as well as leadership roles in career offices in higher education, including Colby and Bates Colleges.

How is Maine’s Aging Workforce Impacting You? – Jackie James (1:30-2:30)

What are the current trends in the context of aging and work in the U.S. in general, and in Maine in particular?

Jacquelyn JamesIs there a disconnect between the needs and wants of older employees and their employers? What do employers need to know to engage older workers? What do older adults who want to continue work past conventional retirement age need to know? What tools and resources are available? Do we dare to dream a new trajectory of work and leisure over the course of the lifespan? We will explore these questions and others in an interactive conversation.

Jacquelyn James – is co-director of the Boston College Center on Aging & Work, and research professor in the Lynch School of Education. Her research has focused on the meaning and experience of work, perceptions of older workers, and emerging retirement issues. She and her colleagues have published numerous articles, opinion pieces, and four edited books.

Let Your Art Speak After 50 – Nancy Rankin (11:15-12:15)

In this workshop, we will engage in the creative process to gain a fresh perspective on questions that may be of special significance to your second act – What’s important in this life stage? How do I envision my future? What desire might be unfulfilled?

nancy rankin

What am I waiting for? Where do I want to focus my energy? Through the use of a variety of materials, you will have the opportunity to create a fabric piece that represents your reflections on your important questions. All materials will be supplied.

Nancy Rankin, MEd – is a member of the Heart at Work Associates team and psychology faculty member at UNE with extensive experience helping individuals find ways to create meaningful work and balance in their lives. She is a musician and fabric artist.


Exploring Entrepreneurship at 50+ – Gigi Guyton (1:30-2:30)

If you are looking for ways to improve your current financial situation and pave the way for greater financial security, self-employment may be an option for you.

Whether you’re considering freelancing, contracted services, or starting a small or micro-business – now is a great time to consider working for yourself.

Recent studies show that more than 30% of the U.S. workforce is part-time or self-employed. The decision to start your own business can be exciting and daunting. Exploring Entrepreneurship @ 50+ will help you decide whether being self-employed is right forGuyton_Gigi you by looking at the pros and cons of owning your own business, the steps needed for start-up, the major elements of a business plan, and the many additional resources available to help you succeed. We’ll also explore pitfalls to avoid, and even touch on some financial, tax, and social security considerations.

Gigi Guyton – is the Micro-enterprise Specialist and Regional Manager for New Ventures Maine, covering Cumberland and York Counties. She teaches business planning, money management, and offers consultations. She owned a landscape business in Charlotte, NC; owns apartments in the French Quarter in New Orleans; and loves helping people in transition.